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Ben Caro is a writer-director in Los Angeles who’s had the opportunity to direct talent like Matt Damon and Sophie Turner for GQ and Vanity Fair, and create unique branded documentaries for Uproxx. Currently he is on the road with his theatrical debut "Cathedrals" (2018), starring Brendan Sexton III (Russian Doll), Michele Weaver (Love Is...) and Rick Boggs, a visually impaired actor. He specializes in scripted narratives and branded entertainment.


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Starring Brendan Sexton III (Russian Doll), Rick Boggs (Nip/Tuck), Michele Weaver (Love Is...) and Jessie Lande.

Contact for a private screening link or to screen the film at a festival.

Inspired by a popular Raymond Carver story, “Cathedrals” is about a young husband who, through a strange, almost psychedelic experience with a blind man, is able to see his marriage from a new perspective.

Our mission was to raise awareness for actors with disabilities, which is why we cast a blind actor to play a lead role and donated to organizations like Theater By the Blind as part of our fundraising. Here's an article I wrote for the American Federation for the Blind about the project.

Official Selection – Miami Film Festival 2019

Official Selection – Crossroads Film Festival 2019

Official Selection – Alexandria Film Festival 2018

Outstanding Director – Sherman Oaks Film Festival 2019

Outstanding Short – Sherman Oaks Film Festival 2019

Outstanding Acting – Sherman Oaks Film Festival

Best Ensemble – FirstGlance Film Festival 2019 (nom.)

Best Drama Short – FirstGlance Film Festival 2019 (nom.)

Best Cinematography – Genre Celebration Festival 2019

Best Actor – Los Angeles Movie Awards 2018